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Company News About Slurry Pump about selection

Slurry Pump about selection

Slurry Pump about selection

When purchasing a slurry pump, the Slurry Pump Supplier will learn from the customer about the operating environment of the pump and the slurry pumped, etc., so as to recommend the most suitable pump type to the customer to ensure The pump can last longer in its post. This is what we often call slurry pump selection. The following will introduce you to what aspects are related to the choice of slurry pump:

1. First determine which slurry pump to choose according to the working conditions

The working conditions mentioned here are understood as application industries, such as mineral processing, coal processing, sand pumping, etc. (This step is very important, and it is also a prerequisite for selection)

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2. Flow and head are the two most basic parameters for pump selection:

a: Preliminarily determine the general situation of the pump through the working conditions, such as which series model or whether to consider the material, etc.

b: After determining the series model of the pump, read the performance curve through the flow and head to determine the specific model and size of the pump.

c: Read the curve, calculate the power: The parameters that must be known in the calculation of the shaft power of the pump include flow rate, head, efficiency, and slurry specific gravity; efficiency (η) is determined by the flow rate and head, which can be read out by reading the performance curve; What cannot be provided is only through experience points. Generally (between 1-2), an estimated value will be given to calculate the power during technical calculation.

d: Calculated shaft power P=m*g*h/η Its derivation formula: P=ρ*Q*H/102η (pay attention to the use of safety factor in the actual calculation)

e: motor power, the motor power which is the nearest and larger than the shaft power is taken as the final motor power by the shaft power.

More parameters: working condition flow head. Slag specific gravity. The specific gravity of solids. concentration. Ph temperature.

According to the basic process of A, except that in step C, the specific gravity parameter of the slurry is directly provided by the customer, or the specific gravity of the slurry is calculated by the specific gravity and concentration of the solid.

The weight concentration generally mainly considers the degree of abrasiveness of the slurry. For a certain kind of slurry, the higher the concentration, the higher the abrasiveness will be, and the higher the specific gravity of the slurry. Therefore, we have the concept of Heavy-Duty Slurry Pumps, neutral, and light-duty slurry pumps, which is based on the content of the slurry. There is no strict limit.

Ph value is one of the material factors that we judge to select the overcurrent parts of the pump (generally, the pH value of 5-12 considers the range of metal overcurrent parts, and the rest of the range considers rubber or other special materials. Here is also the theoretical numerical range that cannot be dead. set, to be flexibly applied);

Temperature is also one of the factors to determine whether the material can be used. Generally, the temperature is a factor that is rarely considered in most cases, but sometimes there are special conditions that require temperature.

3. Detailed parameters

Working conditions, flow, lift the specific gravity of the slurry, specific gravity of solids, the concentration of pH, temperature, D50, D80, pipeline (pipeline, elbow, valve, taper (contraction, expansion), viscosity, etc.

It is still the basic process according to the first, but in this kind of detailed parameters, it is generally the bidding project, or the client is very special so that so many detailed parameters can be provided. In general, the parameters that can be provided to the two are already detailed. For some large projects and large bids, special design units or departments will provide customers with detailed data, so it is possible to provide three levels of detail. In fact, this detailed parameter is mainly to increase the parameters of the pipeline, and the pipeline is the parameter of calculation (dynamic lift). Generally, many customers cannot provide detailed pipeline conditions, or the pipeline is simple, so they are ignored and directly provide a The head is only the head, so we don’t need to forget it, but once the detailed pipeline is provided, we need to calculate the dynamic head by ourselves. The specific calculation of the dynamic head is relatively complicated, but there are ready-made formulas to apply.

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