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Common Faults & Solutions of Slurry Pumps

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Common Faults & Solutions of Slurry Pumps
Latest company news about Common Faults & Solutions of Slurry Pumps

During operation, there are four types of common failures of slurry pumps: corrosion and abrasion, mechanical failure, performance failure and shaft sealing failure. These four types of failures often affect each other.

For example, the corrosion and abrasion of the impeller will cause performance failure and mechanical failure, and the damage of the shaft seal will also cause performance failure and mechanical failure.

1. Bearings Overheated

A. Too much, too little or deterioration of lubricating grease/oil will cause the bearing to heat up, and the appropriate amount and quality of oil should be adjusted.

B. Check whether the pump -motor unit is concentric, adjust the pump and aglign it with the motor.

C. If the vibration is abnormal, check whether the rotor is balanced.

2. Reasons and solutions that may causenon output of slurry

A. There is still air in the suction pipe or pump, which should be filled with liquid to discharge the air.

B. The valves on the inlet and outlet pipeline are closed or the blind plate is not removed, then the valve should be opened and the blind plate removed.

C. The actual head is higher than the maximum head of the pump, a pump with higher head should be employed

D. The rotation direction of the impeller is wrong, so the rotation direction of the motor should be corrected.

E. The lifting height is too high, which should be lowered, and the pressure at the inlet should be increased.

F. The debris is blocked the pipe or the suction pipeline is small, the blockage should be removed and the pipe diameter should be enlarged.

G. The speed does not match, which should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

3. Reasons and solutions for insufficient flow and head

A. The impeller is damaged, replace it with a new impeller.

B. Too much damage to the sealing ring, replace the sealing ring.

C. The inlet and outlet valves are not fully opened, they should be fully opened.

D. The density of the medium does not meet the requirements of the pump, re-calculate it.

4. Reasons for serious seal leakage and solutions

A. Improper selection of sealing element materials, replace suitable elements.

B. Serious wear, replace the worn parts and adjust the spring pressure.

C. If the O-ring is damaged, replace the O-ring.

5. Reasons and solutions of motor overload

A. The pump and engine (output end of the motor or diesel engine) are not aligned, adjust the position so that the two are aligned.

B. The relative density of the medium becomes larger, change the operating conditions or replace the motor with suitable power.

C. Friction occurs in the rotating part, repair the friction part.

D. The resistance (such as pipeline friction loss) of the device is low, and the flow will become bigger than required. The drain valve should be closed to obtain the flow rate specified on the pump label.

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